Aeternus ? The Vow that was broken

We had a vow. You told me that we should have one. The both of us promised to each other that no matter what,we’ll not leave each other’s side… But what happened?

Memories do last forever? i guess so . Unless you’ll have an
amnesia then you’ll forget it right..

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Is it worth the risk ?

Loving can hurt sometimes

Love is the greatest gift that God gave us . He even made us by His love ❤️

But loving someone hurts a little bit too much that It kills you inside . Everyone gets hurt … I mean people do make mistakes and hurt someone unintentionally, but what if that person you love most knows what’s good and bad for your relationship yet still picks to hurt you ? Love is a dangerous game … A field full of care , full of passion , that it fill you up that you depend on it ? Love is trust , there is faith and there is hope. Scariest things to give to a person . A trust that they won’t give up on you ever.

Here’s a thing , Loving can hurt if you love that person so much that ONLY you invested so much in them than they do . The love that was almost one sided , A love that kills you because if you love them , you love them to the point that you love that person better than yourself. A love that was filled with determination, plans and everything and one day you just need to cut all your investments to that person because they never help for your relationship to grow further, that one day that person just said to you that you must be thankful that he/she was there for you, and really don’t know where your relationship is going? … At that point you must now realize that person you love doesn’t have plans with you later on … and that one day you’ll realize that they never love you as much as you do . Attachments is so risky , It was supposedly a love that reciprocate but nonetheless it was one sided .

That’s why people gets traumatised or scared to love again , because maybe they will invest again so much to a person and that person will just disappear like a hurricane. It was hard to trust again .. But they say that Love like you’ve never been hurt before , Every time that you feel so broken just remember that it’s a step ahead to the right person who will love you unconditionally. And I hope you find yours. I love you. Te’ Amo !

Shake It Off :)

If ever you feel so down in every aspects of your life, just always remember to pray , seek God, call God, Talk to God.

Every one of us has our own down fall in our lives. Family problems, fights with friends, our failures, mistakes, whenever we see our low grades in academics and the worst Love. Why Love?

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<3 Why i started?

Heyya Guys , First of all i would like to say Hi to everyone of you

I created this blog for me to share to you guys my experiences in life, well i think that this is a better idea for me to express myself better and I want to inspire my readers if ever i have one about some of my experiences that turned into motivations and lessons for me, because in writing we could express our feelings. Having this confidence and the passion to write about your thoughts is a way to express it like dancing and singing and sharing stories to someone. About Fashion, life events, foods you eat Yumm!! And the build up emotions inside us. 🙂

Hope you enjoy !!